55 Word Short Stories

Short stories, written by me, are a new feature on the blog. This week, I took on the challenge of writing three 55 word stories from a Udemy class that I have just begun. The idea is to write a story and then cut it down to exactly 55 words. The story has to make sense, have a plot, a setting, a protagonist, etc.

I took on this challenge with trepidation as I tend to be quite flowery in my writing. I can generally be counted on to employ a lot of words. So, this exercise was hard for me, but I hope you enjoy these stories just the same.

In the Park

A Walking Path as it relates to the short story called In The Park.

Susan swayed while music blared through her earbuds as she power walked through the park.

At the third turn of the track she sees movement in the trees. Curious, she investigates, imagining a wounded animal.

Surprisingly, what she thought was a large dog was instead a furry man. Unafraid, Susan comforted him with soothing pats.

Chicago Sorrow

A bar in relation to the short story called Chicago Sorrow.

Dominic is handsome and rich. He owns a bar where he meets people. Quincy arrives and wants a piece of the action. Offered a choice of splitting the profits or death, Dominic chooses life.

Later, Dominic develops a conscience and leaves the organization. The party is over when Dominic is found floating in Lake Michigan.

Moving On

An eye shedding a tear in regard to the short story Moving On.

Gretchen looks around her empty apartment. Full of sadness at a life wasted, she finally feels relief.

As a tear falls down her cheek, she ponders the unhappy memories of love gained and lost.

Bravely, Gretchen wipes the tear away, smiles, and leaves. She is ready to start her new life as a star journalist.

In Conclusion

Each story had a different focus. In The Park was meant to have a twist in the story. Chicago Sorrow’s focus was to have a clear protagonist who faces a life or death crisis but has a moment of growth. And last, Moving On was meant to sow a seed that could be turned into a longer short story.

Do you think I accomplished these goals in the exercises? Please leave a comment to let me know what you think.

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    1. Thank you! The idea for the In the Park was meant to have a scary twist, but I can see where patting a furry human would be funny. I appreciate your view!!

  1. Wow, managing to write a story in just 55 words is tricky. Great job, and I agree with the fact that a furry man was a great twist but it also did make me giggle 😀

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