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Professional author services can take your manuscript from good to great. Too many independent authors take the DIY route, and their novels suffer. You may get low sales or bad reviews if your book isn’t up to reader standards. Independent authors must take responsibility for all publishing tasks, and taking your novel to a professional level is imperative. Using skilled author services can make all the difference.

Author Services Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need help finding a place to start? Here are some FAQs to explain a bit more about the services offered by My Bookish Bliss.

Depending on how full the schedule is for any particular time, project start dates will happen directly after making your payment.

Project completion times vary depending on the type of project you have. In the roughest estimate, projects will take 3-8 weeks to complete.

If you need a rush order done, there is an upcharge based on how fast your turnaround time is. During our initial discovery call, we will negotiate the terms of the increased fee.

Feedback deadlines keep both of us on schedule. If you miss one, I will send one reminder e-mail. If there is no response or you miss a second deadline, your project will go to the end of the line to restart after you have more time to commit to the project.

More than anything else, I ask for patience. I understand the anxiety and excitement that comes from waiting for feedback. However, I want to deliver the best outcome I can for your project, and rushing will break my focus from the work at hand.

There are no guarantees as the book business is a fickle fellow. But, you have my word that I will provide the best service possible. What you do with my advice or my solutions will depend on you. Your success is ultimately in your own hands, but I pledge to work with you to the best of my ability to make your project successful.

To book an initial discovery call, please send an e-mail to We will then work together to find a time that suits us both. The purpose of the discovery call is to determine if we are the right fit for each other. I want you to be completely comfortable with me as your editor or writing coach.

Service prices vary. You can learn more about the prices of individual offerings on the dedicated service page for each project type.

Payment plan assessments occur on a case-by-case basis during the discovery call.

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